A Truly Unique Way to Celebrate the Holidays

Did you celebrate the holidays last year and the year before at home, or out of town with family members? There’s nothing wrong with that of course. In fact, that’s how most people like to spend the holidays most of the time.

You could do things a little differently this year and head for a ski resort, a nice idea although not all that original and certainly not unique. You could of course spend your time at the Crested Butte Ski Resort. Others will have the same idea, but Crested Butte is not crowded and the town itself has much to offer, so your idea does at least have a certain amount of originality to it.

Skiing down a slope with a group of people, mostly strangers, isn’t all that unique either. When you visit a crowded ski resort, you may find yourself doing just that all day long. On the other hand, what if everyone who was skiing down the slope was dressed in red? You might think you’re in the midst of a group of vacationing Nebraska or Oklahoma football fans.

It Doesn’t Have to Be a Dream

What’s really happening, and what is so unique, is you’ll be dressed in red as well, from head to toe, complete with a red hat and a white beard. You’re not dreaming; you’re celebrating the holidays by participating in one of thecountry’s, and perhaps one of the world’s, premier Santa Crawl events, the Santa Group Ski.

This will be a way to celebrate the holidays that you’ll long remember, and one you will more than likely want to repeat. The event at the Crested Butte Ski Resort is a big one, and it’s getting bigger every year. The sponsors have the World Record for this type of a gathering in their sights, and 2014 might just be the year it happens. If you can participate, you might end up being a World Record holder.  You can say – I was there, I did that.

Time to Get Started

The event will be held on December 13th (in 2014) and since you’ll most likely want to spend several days at the resort and in the surrounding area, it would be in your best interest to book ahead. This is a family event and the littlest ones will be well looked after, so no one needs to be left behind. If your children are looking forward to meeting Santa Claus, this is their chance to meet a group of them, or a herd, or whatever a few hundred Santas in one place are called.

You, your wife, and perhaps the older children in your family will want to start looking for the right costume to wear (they can be purchased at the event), and you can either register at the resort, in Crested Butte or nearby Gunnison, or online.

AndJust What Did You Do?

When you get back home and a friend or neighbor asks you what you did to celebrate the holidays, you can show them the video of the Santa Group Ski and/or the Pub Crawl – or post it on YouTube or Facebook – and then ask your friend or neighbor what he or she did. It’s the height of one-upmanship.