Five Reasons to Sign Up for the Santa Ski Crawl

You will Save a Ton of Money on Lift Tickets

Reason Number 1: Save Money

Lift tickets tend to be expensive no matter where you ski, and anytime you can get a lift ticket at a substantial discount you’ll have just that much extra money for other things. Does saving $81 on a lift ticket sound good to you?Does saving $162 if there are two of you sound OK? If you plan to participate in the Santa Ski Crawl, you can save that much. There are of course strings attached, but aren’t there always?

Actually, there’s only one string attached, one string per person that is. You have to be dressed like Santa to get the discount. Presumably, that’s why you’re there in the first place, to get in some skiing, take part in the Santa Group Ski, and participate in the Pub Crawl later on. You could cheat, go back to your car or hotel room and take your Santa suit off after purchasing the ticket, but that would make little sense, and would set you apart from the several hundred other skiers on the slope who are dressed like Santa.

Reason Number 2: Save More Money

Sometimes it takes money to save money. You’ve shelled out $22 for a lift ticket, definitely a bargain, and now you’re asked to spend another $25 to register for the Ski Crawl. That’s a total of $47, but you’re still money ahead. But wait, there’s more. For your $25, you get a free Santa suit, plus you get 5free drinks when you participate in the pub crawl. A suit, 5 drinks, and a $103 lift ticket for $47 isn’t a bad day’s work.

Reason Number 3: You Won’t Be an Outsider

Picture yourself mingling with 500 or 600 skiers all dressed up like Santa Claus, and there you are in your bright orange parka and flowery ski pants. It would be enough to make you self-conscious. Actually, reason number threeis about having fun as a group, where you ski together, drink together, and dress alike, or nearly so.

Reason Number 4: Memories

Bring your digital camera and/or camcorder. The Group Ski is something to behold. If you’re part of it, find someone else to take a picture or video of you skiing down the hill, if that person can pick you out. Take a peekat the happenings on YouTube and you’ll see why you’ll want to bring your camera. You can also take pictures during the Pub Crawl – more pleasant memories.

Reason Number 5: Crested Butte

Crested Butte is a super place to ski and the town is a super place to spend a ski vacation. Reason 5 is reason enough, but try to schedule your vacation to coincide with the Santa Ski Crawl; you’ll be glad you did.