We will no longer be offering refunds. Before registering, please be certain that you are comfortable making your entry fee a donation in the event that you: Your cousin decides to get married that weekend You're too hungover from the night before to pub crawl You eat #$%& on the ice and get hurt Cannot participate that weekend for any other reason
Come ready to have fun! And bring along your ticket or wristband, a valid photo ID, a santa suit and of course your skis or snowboard.
Yes, Yes, Yes! Although only Santas will count for the World Record, we love seeing skiing dreidels, grinches, Hobbits or anything else you can dream up.
Yes! Remember to pace yourself and drink water! Pack yourself a few snacks so you have something in your stomach DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE! Be the Santa, embody the Santa and feel the Christmas spirit. Don’t forget to sing carols and have a merry time!
Not only is it cool, we would love it if you did! Show your inner style and let that Sexy Santa, Sporty Santa, Hippie Santa, Traditional Santa, Snow Bunny Santa, or Bro-Brah Santa shine through!
Absolutely! Keep in mind though, to receive the discounted ski pass your Santa suit must include a coat, pants, hat and beard.
Yes, if you plan on being part of the pub crawl, you MUST bring your ID to be served alcohol. No ID, no booze. Sorry, even if you lose your ID the night before we cannot make any exceptions, it is the Colorado state law.
No problem! There is only one bar that you need to ski to, after that is all on foot. Meet up with us at the base area of the ski mountain at Butte 66 and join in the fun! Skiing Santas will begin arriving at Butte 66 about 3:45 pm.
A pub crawl is an awesome chance to hang out with friend. Meet new ones and have a great time. 100’s of santas will be traveling together in a group, drinking from bar to bar.
You must be dressed as Santa, wearing a coat, pants, hat and beard.